Ski Patrol Uniforms

Industrial Quality, Form and Function – Patrollers from various mountains contributed to the design of MU patrol gear to ensure you have all the features you need. And we continue to get valuable feedback directly from our customers so that we can improve our products every year, without changing the look, color and style, so that you can get the same year after year for your patrol. Features include radio pockets, reflective crosses, venting and more. Groups choose any color, or get embroidery or patches with orders of 50+ in the same style. Pre-order in the spring to reserve for delivery in the fall. Limited inventory is usually available after the advance group orders are shipped and are sold on a first come first serve basis. Visit our Online Store.

Styles below include custom and standard styles, and items that are standard for us to carry in our Online Store. Standard Styles are available for smaller groups or individual orders. Please call by in the spring to reserve, to ensure we will have what you want in the fall.

RedBoundaryPeakPatrolA 3-Layer Boundary Peak Patrol Jacket, Red w/ Crosses
StowePatrol3LfrontIshA 3-Layer Boundary Peak Patrol Jacket (Stowe), Black w/ Crosses
BromleyPatrolFrt3 Dolomite Patrol Jacket (Bromley) – Red/Black
WVVPatrolFT Dolomite Patrol Jacket (Waterville Valley) – Red/Black
704LPatrolRB Standard Patrol Jacket, Long – Red/Black
704mPatrolRB Standard Patrol Jacket, Mid – Red/Black
634PatrolssRB Patrol Softshell or Fleece – Red/Black
702PatrolRB Dolomite Patrol Jacket (Stowe, Holimont, etc) – Red/Black
602StowePatrol Dolomite Softshell Patrol Jacket (Stowe) – Patrol Red
212nPatrolRB Rescue Vest w/ Shock Cord – Red/Black
712nPatrolRB Rescue Jacket w/ Shock Cord – Red/Black
212CamelPatrolYB Rescue Vest w/ Elastic (Camelback) – Yellow/Black
704LCamelYellow Isotherm Ops Jacket, Long (Camelback) – Yellow/Black
711PatrolRB Rescue Jacket w/ Elastic – Red/Black
212PatrolRB Rescue Vest w/ Elastic – Red/Black
634PatrolmfRB Patrol MicroFleece – Red/Black
210PatrolRB 10–20 Patrol Vest – Red/Black
704LPatrolRR Standard Patrol Jacket, Long – Red/Red
704mPatrolRR Standard Patrol Jacket, Mid – Red/Red
704LBB Isotherm Ops Jacket, Long – Blk/Blk
704LRB Isotherm Ops Jacket, Long – Red/Blk
007 Full Side-Zip Pants #007 – Black
8008Blk Cargo Pants #008 – Black
8009Blk Tech Utility Bib Pants #009 – Black