Caring for your Mountain Uniforms Waterproof/Breathable Product


NEVER dry-clean. Machine wash in cold water in a gentle cycle. Spot clean as necessary with a mild detergent and rinse that area well. Wash the entire garment only when necessary, using only a tablespoon of mild detergent.  Cold-rinse well as not to leave any soap residue in the fabric pores to maintain the best waterproofness and breathability for your clothing. For items with zip-out liners, it’s best to zip out the layer and wash each layer separately.


Hang dry for a ½ hour or more. When items are almost dry, put it in a low temperature dryer on a low temperature if you like.  (Note: If the dryer gets too hot, the waterproof-breathable membrane between the outer fabric and the lining may melt.)


About after-market Water-Repellant sprays:

We recommend some products including Granger Clothing Care products for your older waterproof-breathable items.  However, our fabrics have a high-end waterproof breathable membrane that is laminated to the face fabric, plus a DWR on the outer shell. These fabrics are best-served by double rinsing if you find that your jacket may not be as waterproof as is was when it was new. After-market waterproofing substances should only be used after much wear and many washes and you may sacrifice breathability after use.