About Mountain Uniforms


Mountain Uniforms specializes in CUSTOM waterproof-breathable, uniforms for Ski Areas, Fire Departments, Highway Patrols, Search and Rescue teams, Police Departments, Ski Teams, Race Teams, or any company, affiliation, or agency with people working in cold or inclement weather.  Whether you want to coordinate your image year after year for your whole resort, or if you want stylish, functional uniforms for your ski school or lift attendants, or if your Police Department, SAR team or Fire Department needs stylish, industrial quality uniforms, we invite you to get what YOU want.  We offer high-end CUSTOM jackets with matching softshells, fleece or windshells from MU. Create a system for the long-term.

  • DESIGN your own style (larger orders apply)
  • CHOOSE your own colors
  • CUSTOMIZE existing styles
  • SPECIFY functions and features that are important to you
  • CONTINUE with the same style and color year after year

SINCE 1996

Mountain Uniforms was established in 1996 to give Ski Areas, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Fire departments an option to have their own unique uniforms, how as they want them. This ensures that your group is distinguishable from the public while getting the highest-end fabrics and construction, and choice of functions and features applicable to specific needs.  Since people who work outside, can’t usually go inside to get warm and dry, we carefully choose our fabrics and materials knowing that our customers are out in the elements many, many more days and more hours than a typical consumer.   We also work to develop stylish and functional designs.


Companies, Departments, Teams, and Agencies also need consistency every time you order.  We know that you need to be assured that you can get the same item in the same color next year and/or the year after for as long as you decide to stay in that uniform. This is something we offer AND DELIVER, which the typical consumer brand does not.  We keep your information on file so that you can re-order the same thing as needed. Minimums apply and advance planning is required.  Overall, the ability to re-order saves you money and time over the long term. And you will all look like you are part of the same group this year and in years to come.


We strive to make sure that your group gets the image and consistency you desire, while your employees get the best outdoor gear they ever had.

In summary: Mountain Uniforms offers a custom, quality uniform program that delivers the same styles and colors to you year after year.  One of our sales reps put it this way: “We put the U in Uniform.”

Mountain Uniforms is a privately owned company and our employees care about you and your employees.  We are located in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.