The Top 10 Reasons to choose Mountain Uniforms

10). Better Products

We’re in business to build better products specifically for you, at a better price to you.  Often, our prices are equal or better, even though we use our higher quality fabrics and construction than retail brands.

9). Continuity

Get the same style and color every year, as long as you want them – truly.  So you can get fill-ins, and save money over the long term.  We’ve been doing this for numerous companies for years.

8). Custom

Our primary business is making you what you want.

7). Outdoor Uniforms

Providing technical, outdoor, industrial quality uniforms is our business; and you, who are out there every day, are our priority.  (Most outerwear companies focus their business around the everyday consumer.)

6). Differentiation

You will not be wearing the same thing as the public.

5). The Best Fabrics

We research and use the best fabrics available for your specific needs.  Compare the ratings of 20,000mm waterproof and 20,000mm breathable in our well-tested Entrant Dermizax EV products, and note:  All (100%) seams sealed is standard, not just critical seams.

4). Functional Features Included

Functional features are included as standard, such as nametag / ID slots, large clipboard pockets, removable knee pads, abrasion resistant fabric in heavy wear areas, radio pockets and microphone loops, etc. These functions would not be found in “commercial” products, and are “value added” for those on the job.

3). Quality and Service

Our emphasis is on the quality of products first, function according to your specific needs, and of course – service. Because we actually practice this, our company is profitable and is growing rapidly.

2). Ensure your identity

ID plackets, or hidden agenda pockets with reflective – Our uniforms can be customized with orders of 100 or more.

And the No. 1 Reason to choose Mountain Uniforms…

1). We listen

Because we sell direct to the end user, improvements are made continually based what you tell us.   We use the input from our active customer base to make improvements every year that are useful to you.  This means that you will get better and better uniforms every time you order from us.