Mountain Uniforms Featured In Latest Made To Measure Magazine

Made To Measure magazine cover featuring Mountain UniformsMountain Uniforms was honored to be chosen for the cover and as a featured article in the Spring/Summer edition of the Uniform Markets industry magazine Made To Measure.  The article gives an overview of the company and the customers served. 

The article titled Recognition Up High – Mountain Uniforms and the Unique Apparel of Outdoor Sports begins;

Every winter, ski instructors, lift attendants and snow patrol spend long hours out in the cold, all in the interest of promoting a safe and enjoyable experience for resort attendees. Unfortunately, many spend their days shivering in low-quality uniforms or struggling to command respect among customers who cannot distinguish employees from everyday skiers. Mountain Uniforms’ mission is to eliminate this problem by providing resorts and mountain operations with crisp, colorful and customized uniforms specifically designed to fit each agency’s unique brand…

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