Snowsports Uniforms

Our uniforms can be found at more than 400 Mountain Resorts. We offer custom, stylish, options and are extremely flexible in what you can customize. And order same style and color year after year, as long as YOU want.

We will design your custom uniforms to YOUR group’s SPECIFICATIONS.  Any jacket, any length, any color, and get matching softshell or fleece made to match. Customize panels and design your own for orders of 200+ of the same style. Larger orders qualify for significant factory discounts. With 50+ pieces, choose any of our running or standard designs, in your choice of colors, with your logo sewn and seam sealed in production.

WillamettePassRMFt Fusion Jacket (Willamette Pass) Doppelmayr Blue/Black/Emerald
BogusDoloSSFt Dolomite Softshell (Bogus Basin) Tahoe Blue/Green Apple
BogusDoloFt Dolomite Jacket (Bogus Basin) – Tahoe Blue/Green Apple
MtHighBlasterFt Blaster Jacket (Mt High) Mt High Blue/Charcoal/Black
WispSSFt Rocky Mountain Softshell (Wisp) – Kelly Green/Charcoal
BromleyBluft Dolomite Jacket (Bromley) – Lake Blue/Plaid
BromleyGrnSd Dolomite Jacket (Bromley) – Green Apple/Plaid
MtRoseFt Alta Jacket (Mt Rose) – Charcoal/Green Apple
BryceRedOutSd Dolomite Jacket (Bryce) – Red/White
BryceRedSSsd Dolomite Softshell (Bryce) – Red/White
TaosSd Dolomite Jacket (Taos) – Tahoe Blue
SkiApchFt Blaster Jacket (Ski Apache) – Teal/Red
HolValFt Blaster Jacket (Holiday Valley) – Grey/Black
701HolimontBlu Dolomite Jacket (Holimont) – Lake Blue
601HolimontBlu Dolomite Softshell Jacket (Holimont) – Lake Blue
Holimontset Dolomite Jacket Set (Holimont) – Lake Blue
womens ski instructor jacket Dolomite Jacket – Women’s (Holimont) – Lake Blue
702StoweRed Dolomite Jacket (Stowe) – Cherry Red
602StoweRed Dolomite Softshell Jacket (Stowe) – Cherry Red
JuneMtnBlueFT Dolomite Jacket (June Mountain) – Tahoe Blue/Seal Grey
JuneMtnSoftshellBlueFT Dolomite Softshell Jacket (June Mountain) – Tahoe Blue/Seal Grey
CascadeDoloFront-s Dolomite Jacket (Cascade Mountain) Royal/Charcoal
7Springsblufront Dolomite Jacket (Seven Springs) – Tahoe Blue
WVVGreyGrnFT Dolomite Jacket (Waterville Valley) Charcoal/Kelly Green
WVVSoftshellGrnGreyFT Dolomite Softshell Jacket (Waterville Valley)Kelly Green/Charcoal
WVVGrnGreyFT Dolomite Jacket (Waterville Valley) Kelly Green/Charcoal
WVVSoftshellGreyGrnFT Dolomite Softshell Jacket (Waterville Valley) Charcoal/Kelly Green
STARSRedBlkFT Dolomite Jacket (Steamboat Stars Adaptive) – Cherry Red/Black
AlpineValleyfront Dolomite Jacket (Waterville Valley) Tangerine/Cherry Red
ChestnutBlueFT Dolomite Jacket (Chestnut) – Dopplemayr Blue/Orange
Comogreenfront Dolomite Jacket (Como Park) Emerald/Black/Seal Grey
ElkMtnBlueBlkFT Dolomite Jacket (Elk Mountain) – Royal/Black
702DoppelmayrBlk Dolomite Jacket (Doppelmayer) – Black/Blue
702DoppelmayerRoyal Dolomite Jacket (Doppelmayer) – Royal/Blk
702MassanuttenCienna Dolomite Jacket (Massanutten) – Cienna
Sunburst FT2 Dolomite Jacket (Sunburst) Tangerine/Black
SunburstSSHFT Dolomite Softshell (Sunburst) Black/Tangerine
Sunburst FT Crystal Peak Jacket (Sunburst) Tangerine/Black with Seal Grey Accents
701DpGrn Crystal Peak Jacket (Diamond Peak) – New Leaf Green
601DpGrn Crystal Peak Softshell Jacket (Diamond Peak) – New-Leaf Green
ski-instructor-jacket Crystal Peak Jacket (Diamond Peak) – Lake Blue
601DpBlu Crystal Peak Softshell Jacket (Diamond Peak) – Lake Blue
SnowyRangeGrnFT Alta Jacket (Snowy Range) – Green Apple/Kelly Green
Altasideish Alta Jacket – Auburn Orange
LibertyBlueCourtesyFT Blaster Jacket (Liberty) – Teal
LibertySoftShellGreyFT Blaster Softshell Jacket (Liberty) – Seal Grey/Teal
LibertySnowboardfront Blaster Jacket (Liberty) – Teal
LibertyGreyFT Blaster Jacket (Liberty) – Seal Grey/Teal
LibertyBlasterParkside Blaster Jacket (Liberty) – Kelly Green
LibertySoftShellBlueFT1 Blaster Softshell Jacket (Liberty) – Teal
LibertyBlasterSSfront Blaster Softshell Jacket (Liberty) – Blk
BnutSnowSportGreyblkFT Blaster Jacket (Ski Butternut) – Seal Grey/Orange
BnutRedBlkFT Blaster Jacket (Ski Butternut) – Black/Red
707WispBlkGrn Blaster Jacket (Wisp) – Blk/Green
707MonarchGrn Blaster Jacket (Monarch) – Green
6MonarchWindshellGrn Windshell (Monarch) – Green/Blk
707LiberyCandyApple Blaster Jacket (Liberty) – Candy Apple
BearValleytahoebluyellowside Yukon Jacket (Bear Valley) – Doppelmayr Blue/Neon
BearValleyorangeredfront Yukon Jacket (Bear Valley) – Tangerine/Red
BearValleyBlackfront Yukon Jacket (Bear Valley) – Black/Doppelmayr Blue
708CornellRed Yukon Jacket (Cornell ski team) – Red
MntnHighBlueFT Yukon Jacket (Mountain High) – Tahoe Blue
BerkshireEastNAvyFt Yukon Jacket (Berkshire East) – Navy/Tahoe Blue
708IgniteYellowBlu Yukon Jacket (Ignite Adapative Sports) – Safety Yellow/Tahoe Blue
BoltonValleyBlueGrnFT Yukon Jacket (Bolton Valley) – Blue/Emerald Green
708DevilsHeadTahoeBlu Yukon Jacket (Devils Head) – Tahoe Blue
adaptive ski school uniform Yukon Jacket (Cannon Adaptive) – Candy Apple
708GreekPeakHunterGrn Yukon Jacket (Greek Peak) – Hunter Green
708GreekPeakBlkGrn Yukon Jacket (Greek Peak) – Black/Green
704WhitetailGrn Rocky Mountain Jacket (Whitetail) – Willow Green
ski instructor jacket set Rocky Mountain Jacket Set (Whitetail) – Willow Green
204WhitetailGrn Rocky Mountain Vest (Whitetail) – Willow Green
ski resort uniforms Rocky Mountain Jacket (Cannon) – Blk/Berry
204CannonBlk Rocky Mountain Vest (Cannon) – Blk/Berry
706MtSunapeeBlu Rocky Mountain Jacket (Mt. Sunapee) – Blue
MtSunapeeset Rocky Mountain set (Mt Sunapee) – Blue
706WispGrnGray Rocky Mountain (Wisp) – Kelly Green/Charcoal
CrystalMtnBlueBlkFT Fusion Jacket (Crystal Mountain) – Royal/Black
ski instructor uniform Fusion Jacket (China Peak) – Orange
706MtRoseTahoeBlu Fusion Jacket (Mt. Rose) – Tahoe Blue
606MtRoseTahoeBlu Fusion Softshell (Mt. Rose) – Tahoe Blue
MtRoseset Fusion Jacket Set (Mt. Rose) – Tahoe Blue
709HolidayValleyRed Fusion Jacket (Holiday Valley) – Red
Ashlandorgangefront Fusion Jacket (Mt. Ashland) – Dark Orange
softshell mountain uniform Colusa Softshell (Mt Abram) – Green
600SundanceSteel Sundance Softshell – Steel Blue
6SundancehoodyBlk Sundance Softshell – Black
2GreekPeakQuiltedGrn Quilted Vest (Greek Peak) – Hunter Green
6WhitetailLongTeeBlk Zip Tee (Whitetail) – Black
6WhitetailLongTeeMerlot Zip Tee (Whitetail) – Merlot
6WhitetailLongTeeWhite Zip Tee (Whitetail) – White
8DiamondPeakBlk Peak Pant (Diamond Peak) – Black