Outer Jackets

3-Layer Franconia (Sonoma County SAR) – Orange/Black w/Reflective
Isobar Jacket (Calaveras County SAR) – Orange/Black w/Reflective
Isobar Jacket (LA County Fire Department) – Yellow/Black
Isotherm Softshell (Rough & Ready Fire Dept) Navy/Black
Isotherm Softshell (Care Ambulance) Safety Yellow/Black
Isotherm 3-Season Jacket (La Crosse) – Red/Black
Isobar Jacket (VDEM) – Tahoe Blue/Blk
Radio Jacket w/ Shock Cord (VDEM) – Tahoe Blue/Blk
Isobar Jacket (FBI Academy) – Red
Ranger 3-layer, 3 in 1 Jacket – Forest/Black
Acadia Reversible Jacket (Maine State Police) Safety Yellow
Rocky Mountain 2 Softshell (Wisp) – Kelly Green/Charcoal
NYSP Softshell (New York State Police) – Heather Gray
Virga Jacket (MULTICAM®)
Reversible Ike-length Patrol Jacket (New Hampshire State Police)
Waterproof-breathable Isobar Jacket and Full-size zip Ranger Pants (MULTICAM).
Virga Jacket (Hartford Police) – Blue Virga Jacket (Hartford Police) – Midnight Blue
Virga Jacket (ND Parks & Rec) – Olive
Virga Jacket (Fish and Game) – Olive/Blk
Virga Jacket, #008 Pants (NH State Police) – Olive/Blk
SAR Jacket Virga Jacket (Priority One ) – Royal
Dolomite Jacket (NY Rangers) – Red/Blk
Isobar Jacket (Contra Costa County) – Orange
LASAR Convertible Jacket (LA Sheriff’s SAR) Orange
Isotherm 3-Season Jacket (Monroe Ambulance) – Safety Yellow
Isotherm 3-Season Jacket (Fairfax Fire) Charcoal/Black
Isotherm 3-Season Jacket (Arlington Fire) – Cienna/Black
Isotherm 3-Season Jacket (Chena Goldstream) – Red
Isotherm 3-Season Jacket (Alexandria Fire) – Blue
Isotherm 3-Season Jacket (Beacon Ambulance) – Hunter Grn/Black
Isotherm 3-Season Jacket (Northside Fire) – Steel Blue
Search and Rescue Jacket Isotherm Ops Jacket (Yuba County Sheriff) – Tangerine
Isotherm 3-Season Jacket – Safety Yellow
Dolomite Patrol Jacket (Stowe, Holimont, etc) – Red/Black
Virga Softshell Jacket – Blk/Safety Yellow
Radio Jacket w/ Elastic – Blk/Blk
Isotherm Ops Jacket, Long – Blk/Blk
Isotherm Ops Jacket, Long – Navy/Blk
Isotherm Ops Jacket, Long (Camelback) – Yellow/Black
Isotherm Ops Jacket, Long – Red/Blk
Radio Jacket w/ Shock Cord – Blk/Blk
Rescue Jacket w/ Shock Cord – Red/Black
Rescue Jacket w/ Elastic – Red/Black