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We are the preferred cold-weather uniform provider for CUSTOM manufactured, highly technical, waterproof-breathable shell jackets, 3-season jackets, pants, bibs, jumpsuits, and matching fleece-backed softshell for many Highway Patrols, Sheriffs, Police, Fire/Rescue, Search & Rescue, and other government agencies including FBI, Park Rangers, and others across the nation. We offer uniforms custom manufactured specific to the needs of the job – any style, any color, any length. Customize fabric and insulation levels according to your climate. With ratings of 20,000 mm waterproof and 20,000 mp breathable, our gear is more comfortable, durable, as well as stylish. Plus choose special features specific to your needs like various levels of insulation (removable or built in), mic tabs, body cam tabs, nametag velcro, optional waterproof zippers, pen pockets and more. Patches and badges can be sewn and seam sealed in manufacturing. We guarantee re-orderability of the same item, same color indefinitely! Bring back uniformity to your uniform program. See some of what other agencies have done below. Call us to tell us what you’d like built for your agency. We’ll send you custom technical color sketches for your review.

Rangers3in1Ft Ranger 3-layer, 3 in 1 Jacket – Forest/Black
MESPfrtsh Acadia Reversible Jacket (Maine State Police) Safety Yellow
NHSP-RvrsPatrol-front Reversible Ike-length Patrol Jacket (New Hampshire State Police)
Virga Jacket (Hartford Police) – Blue Virga Jacket (Hartford Police) – Midnight Blue
virga_softshell_front_lg Virga Softshell – Black
703NDPksRecOlive Virga Jacket (ND Parks & Rec) – Olive
NewHamshireSPset Virga Jacket, #008 Pants (NH State Police) – Olive/Blk
703NewHampSPOliBlk Virga Jacket (Fish and Game) – Olive/Blk
VirgaCammoFT Virga Jacket (MULTICAM®)
Camopantandjacketft Waterproof-breathable Isobar Jacket and Full-size zip Ranger Pants (MULTICAM).
FBIIsobarFrt Isobar Jacket (FBI Academy) – Red
FBIisoSoftshellFt Isotherm Softshell (FBI Academy) – Red
NYSP-SidishFrt-Clr2 NYSP Softshell (New York State Police) – Heather Gray
9HPBlk Insulated Jumpsuit / Snowsuit (Hartford Police) – Black
CHPnew Jumpsuit / Snowsuit (CHP) – CHP blue
9OliveBlk Jumpsuit/Snowsuit – Olive/Blk
9LAPDBluBlk Jumpsuit / Snowsuit – LAPD Blue/Blk
9BlkBlk Jumpsuit / Snowsuit – Blk/Blk
bikepantFt Cold-weather Bike Pants
702NYRangersRed Dolomite Jacket (NY Rangers) – Red/Blk
704LSafetyYellow Isotherm 3-Season Jacket – Safety Yellow
OrangeJacketSdLong-s LASAR Convertible Jacket (LA Sheriff’s SAR) Orange
704LBB Isotherm Ops Jacket, Long – Blk/Blk
704LNavyBlk Isotherm Ops Jacket, Long – Navy/Blk
603ssReverseBlkSafYellw Virga Softshell Jacket – Blk/Safety Yellow
634ssBlk Isotherm Softshell – Black
radiovestft Radio Vest w/ Elastic – Blk/Blk
712BlkBlk Radio Jacket w/ Elastic – Blk/Blk